Where to holiday?

It is that time of year again, when we try and decide where we want to go on our summer holiday (Hooray!).

Our holidays seem to follow the same theme, there needs to be a beach where I can go surfing (and of course teach Katie too) and somewhere where she can run around. She is still a little young for camping holidays as we need to take a lot of stuff for her and we can’t go too far from home. To add to the list, accommodation needs to be able to cater for children, if I had my way we would just take and tent and find a hidden spot to camp out, obviously this isn’t feasible with a young child! With this in mind, I feel that the best option is to look for hotels in Devon.

The north of the county is appealing to me more so than the south, mainly because of the range of beaches there. Also, from what I’ve heard and read about, these are better for young families and surfers. As our little family fits into this group, it seems like the perfect location!

Obviously the holiday isn’t all for me, and North Devon is looking like the best option to me because of the abundance of attractions and days out in the area, there also seems to be a wide selection of family friendly events taking place throughout the summer which I will be able to take Katie along to.

I’ll be sure to let you know how we get on with organising our holiday, but in the meantime I will run any suggestions past the most important tourist, Katie!

A little tickly cough…

Over the past week Katie’s been having a bit of trouble with a tickly cough keeping her awake at night. While at first it seemed as though it would pass in a few days I thought that after a little bit of time it might be best to contact NHS Direct.

While I was certain everything was going to be okay, I thought that there could be no harm in checking; their tag line of ‘reassuring advice’ certainly convinced me anyway!

After a short time on the phone to one of the advisers I was assured that Katie’s cough was only going to be temporary, however if it continued for a few more days I should head to see the doctor.

Fortunately though, it turned out that the cough was nothing more than a bit of a virus she picked up which was causing her to have a sore throat. Phew!

Other than the cough, now she’s up and walking she’s become more of a handful than ever – you really can’t afford to turn your back for a second else you’ll be wondering where she’s got to! More than enough to keep me on my toes anyway!

Katie’s first steps

Brilliant news from the world of Mike – Katie has taken her first steps!

A few weeks ago we were beginning to get a little bit concerned that Katie was yet to begin walking. She has been tentatively crawling around and holding on to bits of furniture for months, however she was yet to go out on her own two feet, but after landing on her bum many times she’s finally mastered it What a great day that was last Tuesday!

In other news I’ve been looking at purchasing a new car – My old banger is beginning to grind to a halt and if I want to get about I’m going to need something to keep up with Katie in the coming few years!

I did want one of these but I have a feeling I might be looking at something a little smaller and a bit cheaper! Anyone who knows of any cars being sold for a reasonable price, please let me know.

Those of you who knew the van before we set off on this UK tour may be wondering just how our campervan is coping with the workload so far… All good as of yet!

Fingers crossed it stays that way though!

So where are we heading towards, well the West Country is a vast and splendid county and so we head towards Somerset… I’ve heard the cider is to die for!

Introduction to myself and my family!

Welcome to my new blog about being a single parent and raising my 2 year old daughter Katie!

I’m hoping that this will become a detailed look at my life and how I deal with the stresses and straines aswell as the joys of being a working Dad and also all the fun and joy that it can bring with it.

To give you a little background my name is Mike and I work as a part-time surfing instructor in South Wales and also I run a fudge shop where I make my own fudge!

My world revolves around Katie and also trying to get in the odd surf where possible!  I have always loved life and have tried to give 100% to everything I do! A few months ago my world was turned upside down by the arrival of my daughter and I have found this part of my life to be the most challenging so far!

So I hope you will join me on my journey!